A&O Ultimate State of the Art reference

 The company A&O was founded in 1995 and is a one-man company. The owner, Mr Thomas Mewes, is responsible for everything, which is a good thing because he considers employees to be a source of error.

 The path to the Ultimate State of the Art reference production quality was a very long one.

 It took 31 years. I have always dreamed of making music come alive.

 Today I know what it takes to create end solutions.

 Either housing construction A&O sandwich panel with a composite panel with a thickness of 60 mm or cabling A&O USOTAR 1.0 hybrid cable, because with one material alone you can create results which you will like more or less, but it remains a preserve and does not become authentic music. Therefore, I manufacture loudspeaker boxes and cabling of a quality that is unique across the world!

 It is the only loudspeaker which meets the ideal regarding both interior and exterior cabling, coils and audio capacitors: Hybrid Copper Silver/Gold (A&O Ultimate). This means that components, coils, audio capacitors and cables which are in the sound field are designed in such a way that they no longer influence the sound due to neutral conductors ( USotAR ). For the first time it is possible to reproduce a natural sound pattern. It will be the most normal thing in the world to have a symphony orchestra at your home.


A&O USotAR component and cable quality: 

 A&O silver gold - copper hybrid coils €5.500 to €32.000 per unit,

 A&O silver gold - copper hybrid capacitors €187 to €430 per unit,

A&O silver gold - copper hybrid capacitors €87 to €430 per unit, here you need to

know that the smallest value is 0.11µF and the biggest value is 11.5 µF. If you need a

value of 115 µF, 10 11.5 µF units are connected to each other. Multiplied by two,

since you have two loudspeakers, the total is €8.600.

 A&O silver gold - copper hybrid cable USotAR 1.0. Price  Stereo metre €8.000.

 More information under USotAR loudspeaker boxes.

 Hybrid Copper Silver/Gold  22mm, 44mm, 70mm building height


I go even further than that by advising our customers until the desired result is achieved. This means that we have a look at room acoustics as well as the existing HiFi electronics.

On request we overhaul everything, output stages, preamp stages, CD / blue ray players, Turntable, loudspeakers internal and external in A&O Ultimate quality.


The best loudspeaker in the world – A&O Ultimate State of the Art Reference USotAR 1 and 1a, what does that mean? Since I only concern myself with the manufacturing of error-free loudspeaker boxes and cabling, cables and loudspeakers need to be considered in direct comparison with real instruments and voices. CD, vinyl etc. are no standard for manufacturing because there are too many unknown quantities. Since recording qualities / sound engineer marks can range from very good to very poor, they are not a reliable reproduction medium. I want to make sure that the chain consisting of power supply of the HiFi system – signal cable – HiFi devices and loudspeaker boxes represents an optimum. This makes it possible to really hear the recording of the CD, vinyl etc. for the first time. Therefore the assessment refers to an authentic reproduction which is unrivalled. This does not mean that every can share this assessment because it depends on his ability to hear and his knowledge of the original instruments, as well as the subjective or personal taste. As a manufacturer I cannot allow myself to do that; I have to remain objective which costs a great deal of money and time spent in countless listening sessions where we listen to musicians with instruments / voice and loudspeaker boxes USotAR 1 in the same room with direct comparison. The result is: the best loudspeaker in the world.

A&O Ultimate State of the Art reference USOTAR 1, and 1a, will only be available in an exclusive small batch. We will build 7 pairs as of 6/2018.The production of a pair takes 4 months and consists of such high-quality components, housings and cabling that no other manufacturer even comes close to offering or being able to offer this optimum.

 We even supply the exterior loudspeaker cabling in Bi-Amping Version A&O USOTAR 1.0


All of this has its price: €570,000 or €970,000 per pair, and at a weight of 800 kg – 1,400 kg it is not lightweight. You need to recognise that this price can only be realised when it is offered through direct marketing and there is no distributor surcharge.




 A&O USOTAT 1 rear view TMT-MT-HT-SHT


A&O USOTAT 1 rear view with outsourced crossover




Front view

Side view


3D animated images USOTAR 1a


The left loudspeaker box is shown in all pictures


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