Tuning & Reparatur von Lautsprecher-Sicken, Schwingspulen, Frequenzweichen & GehäuseschädenTuning / Repairs

I repair loudspeaker beads and crossovers as well as housing damage. I only agree to repair a device if the customer is interested in updating his loudspeaker. This way he has not only done the necessary repairs but made his experience all the more enjoyable. If you are not interested in this, I recommend the Expolinear company.

 Loudspeaker box Tuning:

A&O Tuning is a very efficient or rather necessary way of optimising existing loudspeaker boxes!

 What you need to know is that there is no manufacturer of loudspeaker boxes who provides an adequate solution regarding the quality of the crossover components, internal cabling and circuits when considering the purchase Price!In numbers: the material value usually amounts to €70-€1,000 for internal cabling and crossovers at a selling price of €15,000-€100,000 for a pair of loudspeaker boxes. You can make a maximum of 30-45% of the sound audible because they are components that are in the signal path and have the maximum impact on the playback quality! This means that the inferior components and the wiring as well as the boards a sound filter is installed, which represents in principle by extremely small conductor cross sections and the often wrongly developed crossovers a resistance in the order of 55-70%.Now, the vast majority of loudspeakerboxes are rather under € 15,000 settled, of course, these speakers benefit models just as much of an A&O tuning.How much I would like to bring closer to an example: They spent for their 2 ways Loudspeaker 700 DM or 400 €, give for the tuning 550€ of what makes a total of 950€, the sound reproduction value I offer them at 3.500 €, so a tuning always has a much higher sound quality than a new purchase!

There are loudspeaker boxes people seem to be happy with, but they cannot show their full potential either. Since the manufacturer did a better job here than the other manufacturers with a better loudspeaker chassis or because the circuit has fewer mistakes, the sound image seems significantly better. If they could hear the loudspeaker with which they were once happy with A&O Tuning instead, they would not understand what they liked about the loudspeaker before the tuning.

 When you test different loudspeaker boxes you can only spot the loudspeaker box you like in the sound range from 30-45%, and there are further factors such as visual appearance and marketing which you can also influence.

 This explains why A&O Tuning makes such an extreme sound improvement to 85-100% possible: because the quality of the crossover network circuit - A&O PPF or HDPPF, internal cabling and components is far more qualitative and the tonal filter disappears. I can do that because I have understood it – it is a gift and a vocation and I am more talented when it comes to building loudspeakers (know-how - unique attribute) and because we use and process the best components that are available on the global market or which only we can offer:

A&O trafo air - hybrid coils, audio capacitors and cabling.


 Most loudspeaker box models by diverse manufacturers are capable of reproducing sound far more realistically based on their housing and the loudspeaker chassis if we remove the Sound errors on the part of the manufacturers: circuits, cables and components.

 With A&O Tuning I can reach a sound improvement which makes the dream of many people - high-end audiophile music reproduction - come true.


 I can offer you three potential optimisation solutions for your loudspeaker boxes. What unites all three versions is knowing what a circuit should be like (A& O PPF -HDPPF) to experience music in its full authenticity. This is why it is the heart of every loudspeaker!

 In a discussion we can find out which type and extent of tuning is suitable for you.

 A&O PPF crossover for a solution that is inexpensive but of better quality than that of the series manufacturers. Cabling with Kimber PR. The sound improvement with this tuning is astonishing but it can be explained by the significantly higher level of circuit, components and cabling.

  A&O HDPPF crossover, from this point there is no loudspeaker with comparable quality on the market, not even if the loudspeaker model costs €100,000 or more.

 The most perfect tuning is A&O USOTAR HDPPF. The tuning costs of a 3-way loudspeaker are around €35,000 per pair at least. It is obvious that this tuning is only worthwhile / provided if the customer’s loudspeaker justifies this extreme effort 

More information under USotAR loudspeaker boxes. 

A&O USotAR component and cable quality: 

 A&O silver gold - copper hybrid coils €5.500 to €32.000 per unit,

A&O silver gold - copper hybrid capacitors €87 to €430 per unit, here you need to know that the smallest value is 0.11µF and the biggest value is 11.5 µF. If you need a value of 115 µF, 10 11.5 µF units are connected to each other. Multiplied by two, since you have two loudspeakers, the total is €8.600.

A&O silver gold - copper hybrid cable USotAR 1.0. Price Stereo metre €8.000.

 More information under USotAR loudspeaker boxes.

Thus the customer does not only always receive an excellent, almost inconceivable price-performance ratio but, with UsotAR Tuning, a revolutionary production quality which is one of a kind in the whole world and unattainable for every other manufacturer. And we must not forget that we take into consideration the loudspeaker box in its entirety (housing type, volume, damping) but also the loudspeaker chassis (woofer, mid-tone speaker etc). It is essential to be able to create a connector network which makes it possible for all existing chassis to form a kind of tonal symbiosis. Crossovers are usually wired freely here - no board production! All components are selected. We use SilverGold solder.

Our tuning starts with 2-way systems (stereo) at €550 and 3-way systems (stereo) at €950. You will be surprised at how much better your loudspeaker boxes can sound. The level will be improved by several sound classes.

In order to be able to truly understand what is written here, or to do justice to it, it is necessary to arrange a hearing on the customer side. Because no manufacturer manufactures so high quality, so it is not possible to imagine this. TEL: +49 30 787 19 343.

No matter which manufacturer / which model you have: from Acapella to Burmester to Wilson Audio, there is no speaker model that does not allow a more authentic music reproduction after an A&O tuning!

 I want you to know that there are a few companies that offer loudspeaker box tuning. Unfortunately, that does not necessarily mean an optimisation. Usually something is changed or exchanged, which, as far as I am concerned, has nothing to do with tuning in the deeper sense. Over the years I have had to overhaul too many loudspeaker boxes which were tuned – they were made worse rather than improved!

 Ultimately I produce loudspeaker boxes on a world reference level and you should be aware of the difference between an loudspeaker box overhaul done by me or done by any other company.


PPF = Puristische Perfektionsfrequenzweiche  /  puristic  perfection crossover Network
HD = hochauflösend / High Definition 

Some images with examples

 A&O PPF crossover tuning T&A Criterion T230


 A&O HDPPF Weichen

The crossover network in the box replaces the board networks standing on it!


Complete view of the new crossover Network

Made with BI Amping connection terminals


Frequenzweiche Anfertigung mit BI Amping Anschlussterminals

A&O PPF crossover and original (top) B&W crossover

  A&O PPF Weiche

Model Jamo: original crossover (left) A&O PPF crossover (right)

Model Jamo: links Originalweiche, rechts A&O PPF Weiche


Arcus TL1000 II, complete overhaul mid/high ranges

 Symmetrical structure, high-quality high-end chassis exchanged against industry standard, the same with the bass-mid-tone speaker.

 Everything developed with new cabling and A&O HDPPF crossover.

Arcus  TL1000 II


B&W 804 Nautilus complete overhaul with outsourced A&O HDPPF crossover.


B&W 804 Nautilus 


ESS AMT1c complete overhaul, the more than primitive passive membrane was replaced by a high-quality passive membrane, tweeter moved (acoustic) centre, HDPPF crossover and new cabling.



T&A 230 extreme complete overhaul, new crossover HDPPF, front board completely renewed and new chassis apart from the woofers.

T&A 230

The housing (Dynaudio Foccus) was completely reassembled: bass-mid-tone speaker, tweeter, terminal, cable, crossover. The result was a loudspeaker box with such a good sound that nobody who heard it could imagine that it

was this small loudspeaker that was playing at such a high quality!

dynaudio foccus

dynaudio foccus




ACR Isostatic 200

A&O HDPPF crossover, outsourced and manufactured with A&O trafo air coil. This type of coil is only available at A&O. It allows for the best impulse behaviour and at the same time the lowest resistance levels. The advantage of this model over most loudspeaker models between €3,000 and €35,000 is that world reference loudspeaker chassis are built in.

ACR Isostatic 200 


A very necessary extreme Tuning

Acapella La Campanella Alto before / after


Here the overhaul was done in HDPPF


Top: A&O HDPPF crossover / Bottom: Original


was exchanged, €65 Tweeter! is behind the horn


Acapella Triolon MK II overhaul in PPF

A look at the crossover shows how necessary this was