These loudspeaker models offer an ideal foundation for the production of tuned A&O loudspeaker boxes because they are exceptional loudspeaker boxes regarding the selection of the loudspeaker chassis and the quality of the housing. Therefore I have taken them in payment, for everyone who is looking for an audiophile high-end loudspeaker with maximum sound.



Basically, all loudspeaker chassis are overhauled and in new condition!

Regarding colour and veneer, housings can be manufactured according to your wishes for an additional charge. Which kind of crossover and cabling is needed, if a production quality that is above the minimum price is desired, is always discussed directly with the customer. Therefore two prices are given, the minimum price and the maximum price depending on the design. Example ACR Isostatic 300: minimum price €7,500, maximum price €35,000. As a customer you can spend €8,500, and I will calculate which optimisation changes are sensible for this price. The good thing is that we are 100% going to find the loudspeaker model of your choice for this Price.

  Wishes regarding varnish or veneers are not included here.

Regarding sound, components, loudspeaker chassis and cabling, the quality of the loudspeaker boxes of the minimum price is significantly above the quality you can currently get when purchasing a new loudspeaker box.

An example: ACR Isostatic 300 minimum price €7,500 no matter which model / manufacturer you take as a comparison, from €50,000 there might be a model which has a comparable sound. If you invest more money in the production of the loudspeaker, the sound authenticity will be improved and the comparison with other loudspeaker models on the new goods market will grow more and more unreal because there is nothing you can seriously consider.

ACR Isostatic 300

Price 7,500 €  PPF Crossover to 35,000 € HDPPF Crossover in USotAR 117,000 €

here the desired varnish is included

ACR Isostatic 400

8,500 € PPF Crossover to 35,000 € HDPPF Crossover in USotAR 127,000 €


Infinity Renaissance 90

two pairs are available

5,500 € PPF Crossover to 10,000 € HDPPF Crossover





Quadral Vulkan IV the best Vulkan!

5,000  € PPF Crossover to 10,000 € HDPPF Crossover






ESS AMT 1 dramatically redesigned to become a four-way loudspeaker

17,000 € PPF Crossover to 67,000 € HDPPF Crossover in USotAR 157,000 €