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Thomas Mewes - A&O Berlin

[In German, A&O means alpha and omega, the beginning and the end – of particular importance.

The first letters A&O also stand for Auge & Ohr – in English Eye and Ear]

 Creating a perfect interaction between electronics, loudspeakers and cabling out of an existing or new Hi-Fi / home cinema system!

This is my unique selling point because I know how to avoid / optimise tonal filters! This is the only way to create a balanced chain on which every link is equally strong, consisting of HiFi home cinema electronic cabling signal, network and loudspeaker cable. In other words, a quick trip to the shop – buy and ready – will never be the solution!

We know from experience that both experienced and inexperienced music fans significantly underestimate the importance of cabling technology!!!

 Unfortunately the quality of a cable cannot be recognised when looking only at the price or cross section.

All our existing customers had a completely inadequate cable network (power cable, loudspeaker cable, chinch cable etc). We know customers who spent thousands of euros on their cabling but were also dissatisfied because they had not achieved their best result.

 Here we were able to achieve the best result with significantly cheaper electricity – signal cable chain. A significantly better sound experience would be possible with the same financial investment.

 Due to a lack of knowledge the end consumer is not able to create the right cable network.

 There is no denying this fact!!!

 Our recommendation for you:

A power - signal cable optimisation by A&O ( see A&O Cable) and loudspeaker tuning (see Tuning / Repairs). We can also optimise your Hi-Fi / home cinema system with A&O Tuning. To hear it with your own ears,

please feel free to arrange an appointment by phone (030 787 19 343).

 Thank you