Racks and bases for output stages and loudspeaker boxes









Our racks and bases (decoupling absorber) guarantee that your electronics are on the sound foundation needed to make a sound experience possible. Rack and base manufacturing always means unique manufacturing to us. This means that you will get exactly the rack you Need!Our racks have a secret inner life which makes them what they are: a reference heaven.                                                                                   

                                                               We can offer you two construction methods: Colossus and Access. Colossus is our absolute reference. This rack is quite something when it comes to price and weight. Weight, depending on design, from 120-570kg, price between €5,900-22,000.


 Basically, Access is a small Colossus. Here we are talking about 60-280kg and €1,700-7,300.



Colossus wall attachment in the roof for two Turntable



Double Phono wall base including rack