Production of unique pieces

On request from customers, we produce: loudspeaker boxes, Dolby Digital loudspeaker systems, racks, bases for output stages, for external crossovers and for your cables, because cables should not be lying around on the floor!!!

Unikatanfertigung von Lautsprecherboxen, Dolby Digital Lautsprecher - Systeme, Racks, Bases für Endstufen, externe Frequenzweichen und Kabel

picture loudspeakers


Reference unique hand-made in USotAR quality Loudspeakers, Cables, Rack and revision of hi-fi technology



Unikat - Standboxen 1  Unikat - Standboxen 2


Unique standing boxes


Customer’s wish: producing a reference subwoofer which can be built into a cabinet without sacrificing quality and without making your glasses dance.

 Referenz-Subwoofer 1  Referenz-Subwoofer 2

Subwoofer built into a cabinet

Rearspeaker / Rückwandlautsprecher
Rearspeaker/ Rückwandlautsprecher
Unikat Hexagon Subwoofer

a perfect interaction between audiophile sound and unique design


under the palm tree you can see the unique Hexagon Subwoofer - to the left and right of the window you can see the A&O - D’Appolito as unique pieces

 Verstärker, Lautsprecherboxen, Verkabelung sowie Bases für die kompl. Anlage und zwei Bases für die Lautsprecherboxen zu sehen: CD, DVD, Tape Deck

In this example you can see the optimum between amplifier, loudspeaker boxes, cabling and bases for the complete system and two bases for the loudspeaker boxes, so that every connected device (CD, DVD, tape deck etc.) can offer the best sound possible.