Reparatur und Tuning von Lautsprechern aller Hersteller, Unikat-Anfertigungen von Lautsprechersystemen

Welcome to the manufactory Auge&Ohr(Eye&Ear)


The manufactory Auge & Ohr specializes in authentic and realistic sound reproduction. Development for 40 years and commercial production, sale and tuning of loudspeaker boxes and hi-fi equipment for over 27 years.You will need about 7 minutes for this starting page, but it will give you an overall view of how to get to an authentic, realistic music reproduction, as well as the special and unique offers that the A&O manufactory can offer to you.

You have come to the right place if you want to listen to or buy USotAR world class loudspeakers and cabling or if you would like to professionally optimize your already existing or newly purchased hi-fi system and its sound. I can make this possible with my holistic knowledge and long-standing experience. Everything hand-made. Regarding material and sound performance quality, A&O tuning is superior to everything the high-end market has to offer. For further information, see the buttons: The A&O, Tuning / Repair, A&O Cables and The Difference,

 I will also be glad to answer your questions personally, Tel: 030/ 787 19 343

 Manufacturing / Sale

  Everything in unique quality, speakers, cables, turntables, racks, bases

Construction of complete hi-fi / high-end Systems

in world class reference

 as well as reference and entry reference class.

 Unique production and Equipment.


 Audiophile Services

 State-of-the-art- uncompromising perfection tuning of speakers and hi-fi/high-end electronics of all manufacturers.

 Repair of loudspeaker boxes of all manufacturers

 Perfecting the cable chain and room acoustics,

 as well as setup and calibration.

 For the benefit of the customer and the cause, I look after everything myself, i.e. direct sales. Since I produce everything in such a unique quality, I solely work on recommendations by satisfied customers and the search of people on the internet who want to optimize their sound system. No matter how satisfied you are with your music reproduction at home, even a system with the best sound is forgotten after you have experienced

A&O perfection tuning!

  I make it possible for people to optimize their hi-fi/high-end system so that they really experience music.

 Since I am only interested in the production of loudspeaker boxes, cables as well as the tuning of loudspeaker boxes and high-end electronics for absolutely uncompromising audio applications, I have developed this know-how. Therefore I am the only person capable of producing an audiophile authentic and realistic high-end system in absolutely unique revolutionary quality.

 That is why I am a loyal adviser to people for whom it is important to get a sound optimum for the money that is available to them.

 I have been manufacturing and selling loudspeaker boxes and hi-fi systems for over 27 years, yet you will not find any of these products in second-hand sales, since I offer end solutions and the customers are so satisfied that they do not need anything to change because they already have the best system at home.

 It is obvious that without a listening appointment you will never have a real awareness as to what I can offer to you! Without listening to the sound, this potential to have an authentic sound reproduction quality will go to waste in your subjective opinion and Imagination!

For a listening appointment please call 030 787 19 343. Thank you!

  My free advice includes all manufacturers of audiophile stereo and home theater systems, since it is important to me to offer a sonic perfection with an optical variable to the customer.


Unfortunately, no hi-fi or high-end magazines tell the customer that only professional tuning can lead to sonic perfection, since manufacturers never utilize the component and cable qualities that are needed, no matter how much these products costs! In the case of loudspeaker boxes, the entire crossovers must be renewed, as here even the circuit is tonally faulty. These are optimized through A&O crossovers in PPF, HDPPF or world class USotAR quality to reach the goal of a sonic optimum! Usually you do not want to change but to improve the sound, so you have to know that this only requires an A&O tuning, since a revision of your music system gives you a better sound than any new purchase!

 The bottom line is that the costs are lower since you get quality components for your money and the sound is improved so dramatically that no new purchase could offer you that.

 Since sharing this knowledge in hi-fi / high-end magazines would mean that manufacturers could treat the magazine in a negative way, since they advertise equipment and get products to test them, if this information is knowingly kept from them.





In my listening room I present audiophile authentic and realistic Stereo / Multichannel 11.2 Dolby Atmos / DTS X in Revolutionary A&O USotAR technology that is only available here!


 A&O Holistic Tuning


  For the first time it is possible for you to rework your complete hi-fi / high-end system to achieve a uniform Quality. More information under Repair / Tuning.


 Loudspeaker boxes with aluminum or ceramic membrane.

 Unfortunately, I cannot offer any useful tuning here, unless a speaker chassis is replaced, since authentic music reproduction is not possible with aluminum or ceramic membranes!

 The manufacturers want to make money, and if as a customer you lose yourself in the delusion of today’s lifestyle, the manufacturers will react to this, so you will all lose a significant amount of sound quality because the visual appearance is considered to be more important than the sound! Regarding sound, you cannot make more than 35% of the original audible, so it is a true preserve.

 Here I can only advise you to keep your old loudspeaker boxes or have them revised by me, which is surely the more valuable option!

 The old things are what counts again, which means that all the membranes that are related with authentic music reproduction are made of paper or coated paper, a mixture of paper and wood fibers. They only look like loudspeaker chassises look and have no optical sophistication.

 Should you be interested in sound paired with design want to buy new loudspeaker boxes, here is my urgent recommendation

 For a price range from €1,600 to €5,000 per pair, if you want to purchase a new model I can offer you

 Heco Celan Revolution Models 3, 7 or 9 and The New Statement.

 These can then be revised by me. Tuning costs model 3 in PPF €600 and in HDPPF €1,200 and in HDPPF Hybrid Standard Reference KSG Quality €3,100, model 7 or 9 in PPF €1,000 and in HDPPF €2,400 and in HDPPF Hybrid Standard Reference KSG quality €4,400.

For a price range from €10,000 to €15,000 per pair, I recommend

Heco The New Statement including A&O HDPPF Tuning (Tuning costs €3,000 per pair here) You still save €2,000 to €7,000 and still have the better loudspeaker!

 Or if it should be even more valuable, Heco Statement in A&O HDPPF Hybrid Standard Reference KSG tuning including housing and speaker chassis optimization.

 (Tuning costs €10,000 per pair here).

 This quality cannot be offered by any manufacturer because if the speaker chassises are capable of authentic music reproduction, we need to maintain this potential through circuit, components and cables. This is only promised by the manufacturers, but none of them actually does it!

 With the models Celan/Statement you can also create an audiophile home theater where stereo but also multichannel can be realized without any loss of sound and with a great look.

 Currently I can give you no other recommendation at a cost up to €20,000. If you are interested in another manufacturer, since the market is so unmanageable, you are welcome to ask if the model of your choice has potential.

 My recommendations are geared to what today's market offers, and where guaranteed, these models offer the potential for authentic music reproduction.

 From €20,000, the best sound that you can get is with a unique production by my company.

 Please take into account that I can offer the maximum sound for your money and that my products and services are 50% cheaper through direct sales than what you would get in specialty stores!

 If you prefer an industrial product but still have high demands and want to be able to hear music at a quality that is at least as high as it could be possible with an A&O unique product, I have to consider that the housing and the speaker chassis have such great potential that it is possible to get close to the quality of an A&O unique product. This means that the housing and speaker chassis have the potential, but it does not mean that you will get a sound reference from me in original quality without A&O tuning!!! At the same time you can see that there are loudspeaker boxes with great potential, but in the version made by well-known manufacturers only 25-50% of the possible sound equivalent value can be offered, so nobody will realize what a really great potential there is! Example:

 B&W800 D3 €30,000 Plus A&O HDPPF Hybrid Standard Reference KSG Tuning €6,500.

Of course this tuning is also recommended for all models of the B&W 800 series.

 This means that without A&O tuning the sound performance of a B&W 800 is not enough, and there will be an extra cost of as much as €16,500 without an improvement of the sound compared to an A&O unique product!

 People have their dreams and ideas that have nothing to do with the reality, yet such customers are happier to pay the extra price because they are infatuated with or believe in the product. In the end, however, these people fortunately achieve their goal without any loss of quality; it just costs more. Since I do not offer this model for sale, you should be aware that I like to work in a customer-focused manner.


 The company Auge&Ohr is the A&O (a German term for being an essential part) in the production of sound end solutions and

 the first address

 for the audiophile tuning of loudspeaker boxes and

 hi-fi / high end Systems






My answer to vinyl playback: A&O Turntable Statement

Schröder reference tone arm,

Decca London reference pickup,

A&O ultimate reference USOTAR 1.0 phono cable


Here you can find a reportage portrait in the Fidelity magazine about me and my company, just click ↓↓↓





Photo from the IFA 2001

That's where my company logo comes from. It's a development from the late '90s,

3-way Transmission Line with double Helmholz Absorbatoren.




Reparatur und Tuning von Lautsprechern aller Hersteller, Unikat-Anfertigungen von Lautsprechersystemen

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Photos from the IFA 2001

That is why my logo looks like this; it is a development from the late 90s, 3-way transmission line with double Helmholz absorbers, €35,000 per pair, of course at the current state of development.Since the model TM Reference 280 has everything to offer, it makes sense to offer it in the best production quality on the world market, in USOTAR execution*** for €107,000. 2.5 metres of exterior cabling USOTAR 1.0 loudspeaker cable are included in this Price.

 ***see A&O Cables and USOTAR loudspeaker boxes

All prices on my website include 19% VAT.