Reparatur und Tuning von Lautsprechern aller Hersteller, Unikat-Anfertigungen von Lautsprechersystemen



Auge&Ohr (Eye&Ear)

we manufacture by hand

Speaker Boxing, Tuning and Wiring - Manufacturing in A&O USotAR via reference quality

We produce for direct sale our global ultimate reference Ultimate State of the Art reference USOTAR 1 and USOTAR 1a loudspeaker boxes, and the cabling USOTAR 1.0 - USOTAR 2.0 - USOTAR 3.0 for power cord and Sound.It is a revolution on the global market and everything is hand-made.


 Sale of A&O Ultimate Complete Systems Stereo and Home Cinema


 Our specialties and customizing services:

 Tuning of loudspeaker boxes by all manufacturer

 Setup of and consulting for the installation of audiophile stereo and home cinema systems (complete solutions), repair of loudspeakers from all manufacturers, production of unique loudspeaker boxes as well as racks, bases, tuning of preamp stages and output stages, full amplifiers, CD/blue ray players, perfecting the cable chain, room acoustics, setup and calibration of your stereo home cinema System.

You can watch a reportage portrait in Fidelity magazine about me and the company





For the demonstration all crossovers visible outsourced

               Surround Back / Sub                            


Loudspeaker installed on the wall directly under the ceiling



complete rear view

A&O Hybrid Subwoofer  Transmission Line / Horn  reflecting backwards 

complete front view

In our listening room we showcas audiophile high end stereo/multichannel 11.2 Dolby Atmos/DTS X  in revolutionary A&O Ultimate UsotAR technology, which only exists here!



A small glimpse into my artistically designed audiophile cinema rooms with more than 117 cinema figures and 16 oil paintings by Bozena Ossowski






   My answer to vinyl playback: A&O Turntable Statement, Schröder reference tone arm, Decca London reference pickup, A&O ultimate reference USOTAR 1.0 phono cable




Photos from the IFA 2001

That is why my logo looks like this; it is a development from the late 90s, 3-way transmission line with double Helmholz absorbers, €35,000 per pair, of course at the current state of development.Since the model TM Reference 280 has everything to offer, it makes sense to offer it in the best production quality on the world market, in USOTAR execution*** for €107,000. 2.5 metres of exterior cabling USOTAR 1.0 loudspeaker cable are included in this Price.

 ***see A&O Cables and USOTAR loudspeaker boxes

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